Medical Equipment Finance

Specialist Equipment at Competitive Rates

Pacific Finance offers loans for most types of medical equipment including diagnostic instruments, endoscope technology, imaging systems and scientific research. In addition, we also specialise in medical finance for dental equipment and tools, surgical instruments, operating room equipment and many other instruments related to the health industry.

There are numerous types of finance that will gain you access to the money you need. The top two are listed here:

Asset Lease

An asset lease involves the lender purchasing the medical equipment on your behalf. In return, you make monthly repayments for the length of an agreed contract. At the conclusion of the asset lease agreement, you have the choice of taking ownership of the medical equipment by paying out the residual, or you can extend the lease agreement or choose to sell the medical equipment.

With an asset lease comes many advantages including a fixed interest rate and flexible agreement terms. You are informed of the total cost of the medical equipment before signing and using this method of finance means the equipment will not be listed on your accounting books as a liability.

Equipment Rental

With an equipment rental, the lender purchases the medical equipment and rents it back to you. At the end of the agreement you may renew the lease agreement; purchase the medical equipment or hand the medical equipment back to the lender.

The advantage of renting the equipment is particularly useful when you are renting medical equipment that only has a short lifespan. In addition, all payments are tax deductible.
If you would like to discuss how we can assist you in the acquisition or upgrade of medical equipment get in touch with Pacific Finance today.


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