Finance Broker

Importance of having a Finance Broker behind you

Why should you use a Finance Broker?

Pacific Finance Australia takes the hard work out of securing finance. Whether it’s for your home, car, investment property, a loan for your business or simply consolidating your debt, we make the process as seamless as possible by doing all the legwork for you. Having a Finance Broker on your side is vital, especially in this constantly evolving finance industry. The big banks have recently lifted their lending standards, thus making the process more complex and harder to secure loans.

The benefits of having a Pacific Finance Broker.

Pacific Finance Australia in a privately-owned broking firm that does not work for the banks. By having a Pacific Finance Australia Broker on your side, you will have-

Numerous options to choose from 

Options are key when it comes to your finances. Your Broker analyses numerous finance products from various lenders Australia-wide to find one to suit your unique needs and lifestyle. By going with the sole finance option from your nominated bank, you are limiting yourself to just the one lender. This one option might not necessarily be the right fit for you.

Access to the most competitive rates

With a Pacific Finance Broker, you can gain access to our wide panel of over 30 lenders, offering you the Australian market’s most competitive rates. Some specialized lenders work exclusively with Brokers and you would not be able to access these lenders without a Broker.

The opportunity to refinance

If you’re currently stuck in a loan which does not fit your financial situation, our Brokers can help you refinance your current loan.  We can help you find a solution that fits your financial and lifestyle needs better.

No need to worry about paperwork 

You can say goodbye to tedious paperwork, as our Finance experts will do all the legwork for you. We will guide and support you through the entire process from pre-approval through to settlement. Your Broker will keep you up to date on the progress of your loan.

The power to negotiate

You should always get the best bang for your buck! Our Brokers can do a comparison of various loans, thus giving you flexibility with your finance options. We have established long-term relationships with all the major financiers and will do the negotiating on your behalf to make sure you get the best price.

More time to shop around

Our Finance specialists help you understand your obligations now and in the future, by explaining how much you can borrow as well as what your future repayments will be. By getting a pre-approval in place for you, we can help ease the stress of not knowing if you can afford your new vehicle, home or equipment needed for your business. Your finances will be ready to go as soon as you find the perfect asset with a pre-approved loan.

Access a Pacific Finance Broker.

Our ultimate goal is to get you the best deal when it comes to your financial needs. The Brokers at Pacific Finance Australia can give you an obligation free review of your finances and existing loans and can even recommend strategies to save you money in the long run.

Find the right loan option for yourself today by tapping into our Broker’s expertise and save yourself the time and energy that goes into securing finance. Our team of Brokers are specialized in various fields, ranging from home and investment property loans to equipment and commercial finance and even cash flow solutions for your business. Speak with one of our specialists by calling us on 08 9321 2120 or by sending us an email at for more information.