Save money by using energy efficient equipment

If the success of your business is reliant on the efficiency of your machinery, you’ll understand the importance of investing in quality equipment. Investing in the markets’ most innovative equipment can lower your operating costs and bring you savings in energy consumption. If you’re thinking about upgrading your equipment, it may qualify as energy efficient. If so, we can offer you a discount on the interest rate.

Be smart about the debt you acquire

Energy efficient equipment finance is a cost-effective funding solution specifically designed to assist in growing your business. You can save the planet as well as your profit and loss. The finance consultants at Pacific Finance can offer you up to 0.70% off the interest rate for any equipment that qualifies as energy efficient.


Secure up to 0.70% off the interest rate for equipment that qualifies as energy efficient

Electric or hybrid cars, busses and trucks

Most European cars

Electric or hybrid engine machinery

Agricultural machinery demonstrating efficient gains

Heavy vehicles powered by natural gas

Replacement machinery demonstrating efficiency improvements


Benefits of energy efficient equipment funding

Reduction in applicable interest rate

Finance available for qualifying equipment from $20,000

Finance 100% of the purchase price (including the GST)

Flexible loan structures available – We can help you structure the loan in such a way that the repayments do not include GST and you pay off the GST in one go.

You can potentially use the GST refunded to you by the ATO quarterly to reduce your repayments and save over the term of the loan.

No need to use other assets in your business as security


Whether you are upgrading your current vehicle or investing in new machinery – think efficiently!

Securing finance through a dealership might seem like a compelling argument because of the lower headline interest rate. However, the dealerships do not have access to the 0.70% discount, which can make the Broker alternative cheaper. Before you make the decision to go with finance offered at dealerships, you should be fully aware of the pros and cons of both Dealerships and Finance Brokers. You can read more about Dealer Finance vs. Finance Brokers by clicking here Dealer Finance vs. Finance Brokers

Make your equipment work for you

Let us help you finance the right equipment for you, so you can focus on running your business and growing it to its full potential. Contact one of our financial consultants on 08 9321 2120 or via email – to see if your equipment qualifies.


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