Computer Finance

Obtaining Computer Finance has never been easier

Each year the team at Pacific Finance is trusted by its clients to arrange in excess of $150 million of equipment finance. Pacific Finance has excelled in the business of equipment finance and leasing by developing and adhering to a tested model for arranging equipment finance. Our model encompasses sourcing the finance in a timely manner to secure the asset, negotiating competitive terms and conditions with the financier, minimising banking risk by “spreading” your finance among different lenders and minimising (in most cases eliminating) the need for additional capital.

We have established long term relationships with all major equipment financiers. Our buying power has grown exceptionally over the years, resulting in more options and more flexibility for all of our clients.

Our clients range from start up businesses to established corporate groups and come from all industries; from mining services, earthmoving and construction to manufacturing, property development, retail, transport and medical services.



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